How Was Immediate Core Created?

Meet our Founding Team

Introducing the brilliant minds behind Immediate Core - a group of four seasoned quants, each with an impressive 20 years of experience on Wall Street. Their collective purpose is to provide a cutting-edge platform that empowers novice investors to tap into the potential of data-driven investing.

Fast forward to today, and our team has expanded to include 15 quants and 4 crypto analysts. We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our ranks. At Immediate Core, our dedicated team is tirelessly working on developing new tools and resources to help newcomers make the most of the exciting opportunities emerging in the crypto markets.

About our Company

Operating under the umbrella of a renowned global crypto trading company, our London-based subsidiary is the driving force behind Immediate Core. With a proven track record of creating five highly successful white-label solutions for the FX and stock trading industry, Immediate Core proudly stands as our very first B2C crypto trading product.

From day one, the Immediate Core project has been a resounding success. However, we are not ones to rest on our laurels. Our team is dedicated to continuously enhancing our platform to maintain our competitive edge. Join us today and experience the innovation and sophistication of our state-of-the-art crypto trading tools.

Why Was Immediate Core Created?

Immediate Core was created with the intention of providing a haven for individuals interested in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Our founders aimed to establish a hub where users can acquire knowledge about Bitcoin, explore various trading strategies, and ultimately enjoy a seamless Bitcoin trading journey.

From its inception, our platform has been dedicated to demonstrating to traders that they possess the freedom to cultivate their own unique trading styles, select preferred Bitcoin pairs, and establish personalized trading parameters.

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